asked Jan 19 at 09:05 by justinc (41)

There really needs to be a a way to select all note events only in one clip without having to draw the selection. CMD+A Selects every note event in every clip and it's a royal pain in the ***

Sounds like you may be in "Track" editing mode instead of "Clip" mode. See these two words drawn sideways at the left of the MIDI editor? That's your ticket, just go into Clip mode and editing will be constrained to just the clip.


answered Feb 22 at 02:51 by voidshine (302)

Wait, this is not possible? Seriously? How can a trivial function like this be not existing in an awesome program like BitWig? I bet its a matter of just not knowing how to do it, right?


answered Feb 22 at 00:53 by LPChip (21)

If it is I haven't been able to figure it out. When you go to edit MIDI notes in the large note editor, (full screen mode), if you zoom out you see all clips in the time line. Hitting cntrl+A, then transposing winds up transposing every note in every clip.

If you're locked to the ableton style bottom panel editor then this is just silly. People coming from other DAWs like Cubase or Logic are often going to prefer the large note editor.

If this is possible it's completely counterintuitive, 2 months in and it still seems like this is the only way to use the full screen editor.

  — (Feb 22 at 01:05) justinc

Oh thank you so much, this is indeed what I was looking for! I'm so happy now. Makes editing so much easier.


answered Feb 22 at 23:13 by LPChip (21)

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