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When playing in sampler, is there a good way to break out of a loop on note release?

i'm a beginner with this software, looking for some tips. In looping mode, Ive tried using ahdsr linking to loop offset. it doesn't seem to update the play position when fading out. maybe i missed it? or the feature is not available.

It's not standard in all samplers, but when loop break/release is available, you can play the sound to a point where it starts to loop, until the note is let go, then the sound will finish naturally. currently, i can only get it to decay within the looping.

any tips or suggestions welcome, thanks!

As of 3.1.2, this is nearly* impossible because the voice settings are locked on note release. Even if you change the loop mode or loop position manually in the interface -- if it's done during note sustain, new values are used; if it's done after note release, new values are ignored and the existing loop will be used with no way to control it. This is something I hope will be improved in the future, as notes are still "live" and should still adhere to changes during release.

*: I say 'nearly' because you could theoretically hack a similar effect in the grid by freezing the sampler and driving its playhead with some custom looping logic. But that is probably not a fun or productive way to go about it. Easier to just line up two signals and then switch between them on release. You could use layers and grouping for that, but it's definitely a workaround.


answered Jan 25 at 23:14 by voidshine (154)

Thanks for your reply, and all the info!

  — (Jan 27 at 14:41) BDLutes

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