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I just updated by Bitwig to 3.1.2 and for some reason I cannot drag any connectors in my grid. I can drag around the objects, but can't seem to connect them, can't even re-drag the existing connectors. I just start a new grid, any, try to move the connectors, nothing. I also cannot controle the nobs with up and down, although the arrows are displayed. Although it would not make sense as my normal object drag works, but I tried another mouse, also no difference, restarted bitwig, still...

Is there something I'm overlooking?

hmm.. I'm not sure what just happened... I installed the latest java via Homebrew and restarted my machine and now the nobs and cable drag work. That should not have solved the issue as the system java is the same version as the latest brew, but anyway, it works now!

it was a lovely echo chamber! ;)


answered Mar 17 at 07:56 by m4rinos (11)


I now have updated my whole computer, new fresh OSX (Catalina), latest 3.1.3 version Bitwig, still I cannot drag connectors between objects. In fact I cannot use drag vertical or horizontal to adjust values of nobs, I can only use the input field.

I use the magic mouse 2 but I've tried 3 different types of mouses, wired and bluetooth, new and archaic, and none work.

I've downgraded to 3.1.1 first, no success, then 3.1, still no success., no vertical drag on any nob, no cable dragging nothing. I've tried toggling the mouse settings in Bitwig, in OSX Settings, nothing...I've tried to look in /Library/Logs/Bitwig logs but no errors logging when interacting with the nobs. Complete new user accounts, complete clearing of the install folders...nothing

This is I think where my Bitwig debugging skills end. It's really frustrating, I cannot really use the interface without manually typing in values and the best thing about Bitwig, the grid, is unusable..I send the email to tech support via the form on the site, but no reply yet (in fact, I did not even get a confirmation email that my mail was received).

Would anybody be able to give me some tips on where to start looking for a solution?



answered Mar 16 at 04:46 by m4rinos (11)

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