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Using Bitwig 3.1.2

I am trying to use ALSA for audio on Ubuntu 19.04. I can select ALSA as Audio System, but no devices show up in the device dropdown. I have tried to remove Pulse completely, but it makes no difference, no devices show up.

Have you tried with Jack? Fabrizio

  — (Feb 06 at 18:03) fsciarra62

I am using Pulseaudio and that works, but input is not supported with Pulse.

Can anyone confirm using alsa on Ubuntu 19.04 (or 19.10 i guess)? I would also be interested in hearing if some knows how Bitwig looks up the devices, then I might be able to find out how to configure Ubuntu so that Bitwig can see the devices


answered Mar 04 at 13:46 by bebac (11)

Hi there,


Have you tried Jack?

I'm using Bitwig since version 1 on Ubuntu... now on 19.10 (and all in between).

Following the Bitwig manual gives you a working setup.

You just add input/output channels in the Settings/Audio...

If you need further help, after having tried with what's written in the manual, contact me again, if you will.



answered Mar 04 at 14:49 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)


With Jack, just doing the default, I can get audio on my laptop, no problem. Problems start when I want to output audio to HDMI. It doesn't seems to matter what I select with QJackCtl the audio always outputs on my laptop. I will have to look in to that, I must be doing something wrong there.

The point is - I don't want to use Jack. I know that a lot of people swear to that and you can do a lot of cool stuff with routing and and what not. I don't want to start that whole discussion about pulse vs jack vs alsa. Thing is, Pulse actually works fine for me for output. I can select HDMI in the system settings and I get the sound sent to me external amp, but why go through Pulse. I just want to go straight to alsa, I don't need nor want any other applications to use those devices while I am using Bitwig

Since Bitwig claims to support alsa, It is probably just a matter of how Bitwig reads the alsa devices.

With 'aplay -L' I see the device. hdmi:CARD=PCH,DEV=0 HDA Intel PCH, HDMI 0 HDMI Audio Output

This is just a snippet and not the whole output.


answered Mar 06 at 18:37 by bebac (11)


I will try hard to respect you and don't go in the pulseaudio vs jack, which I find totally unuseful, professionally speaking.

Now... what do you mean by going to HDMI ?

Does your HDMI device, of which I know nothing, supports input?

And, just to tell you, when you use Jack, you will find in the PulseAudio control panel, the Jack sink as output, so that your other applications will continue to use PulseAudio, which is quite a standard for non-professional audio desktop applications in Linux, but their output will be routed on Jack. That's what I normally use to listen to you-tube when I'm connected to my MOTU.

Again, which audio card do you use on HDMI? Does it have input and output? How many?



answered Mar 08 at 15:43 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Hi Fabrizio

No, HDMI does not support input, not to my knowledge at least. I am talking about the HDMI output on my laptop. I use that to connect my laptop to my audio amplifier (Normally you would use it for an external display i guess, but it is fine for audio as well)

For the moment I have no input. I have actually been considering a MOTU M2, so nice to hear that you have a working setup. Assuming it's an M2 you have?

BTW Can you try to select alsa as audio engine in Bitwig to see if Bitwig picks up your MOTU device?


answered Mar 09 at 12:41 by bebac (11)

edited Mar 09 at 13:07

Hi bebac,

sure it does. My MOTU is an Ultralite AVB, lucky enough to have old bios so it works on Linux too.

Bitwig can see 24/in and 24/out using ALSA... But the same does Jack, using ALSA... So I don't see the matter. Jack is not a driver: it uses ALSA, or others if needed.

Bitwig can also use Pulseaudio if you really really want. Clearly without input.

Hope this helps. Still not getting the point of not using Jack but, ok... You decide.

So long,



answered Mar 09 at 14:10 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Ok, odd, that I don't see the HDMI device then, or any devices.

I am fully aware that Jack uses Alsa. That is why I don't understand why you want to use Jack, why add an extra abstraction that just adds additional latency and IMO complexity.


answered Mar 09 at 15:56 by bebac (11)

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