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I received my roli "block M" with a "loop block". I feel a bit tricked by the Roli company:

  1. The roli block works fine in their own "roli studio player" software, but somehow bitwig 3.1.2 doesn't recognize it as an MPE device, all bitwig synth don't show any default MPE parameters.
  2. Bitwig doesn't automatically recognize the Roli Block, it required manual configuration using the seaboard driver (unintuitive workaround)
  3. The roli "loop block" has no MCU or any other bitwig compatible support. It does nothing .... with some scripting you can get a few buttons working. The roli bitwig video suggests a better integration, but its all marketing talk to trick you into their ecosystem.
  4. Bluetooth support is not working in windows, the whole roli software is mainly apple osx/ios focused.
  5. The included synths Cypher2, Equator, Strobe2 are bloatware: they only play a limited number of patches, you are not allowed to edit anything in those synths without a 99$ upgrade
  6. If you upgrade Cypher2 (like i did) to full it's still bound to your Roli account. This is not a real FULL version upgrade.


Roli is just another controller company that has a smooth talk but is not able to deliver on all platforms. They were not able to realise wireless support in windows. Their excuse is underdeveloped windows / Bluetooth support but after 4 years of complaining Windows users, it seems more related to their relationship with apple.

There is no real support for bitwig, it's just another midi device that has MPE support. Bitwig has no direct support for the BLOCKS, it uses the seaboard driver and requires manual configuration.

The provided software is so restriced thats its unusable for a musician,. Any synth upgrade requires to be linked to your roli account. A software upgrade provides the illusion to receive a separate serial that works outside of the roli ecosystem. In reality, this serial number is bound to roli accounts. You have two options: your upgrade is directly or manually linked to a roli account.

For bitwig and windows users: I recommend testing their hard/software first if it's able to fulfil your expectations. I'm only able to blame myself for purchasing my most expensive and unproductive controller ever.

I have the same issue. I have never been this annoyed and enraged by a device, it shows pretty lights and flickering stuff, it deff is very | "expressive" and "powerful". but I've had it for a year, haven't used it once, and I still unlike even my Logitech keyboard can get it to produce sounds in a decent DAW that does not charge me for every use of every sponsored sample producer.

A year, and I still can't get it to make sound out of my speaker. Very expensive too. Not sure what company has the balls to charge that much for a product that isn't able to do anything in it's supposed field of application. Crap gimmick controller.


answered Feb 04 at 07:07 by blimp166 (11)

A bit of a rant but I'm relieved so much by your post I'm not the only one...

  — (Feb 04 at 07:08) blimp166

Hello Blimp166,

I'm now able to make my own midi controller layout on the roli-block using two scripts: (enables roli block layout editor in roli dashboard) Flexi to let bitwig use (learn) midi commands.

The biggest issue is the XY pad mode, This roli mode sends three midi commands (x,y and z value) and bitwig seems to lack any option to filter or edit midi mapping. This means it will receive three value are assign the lowest command to a knob, so X value works but assign a Y or Z value is not posible.

But switching the X,Y command on/off in the roli app i could assign the right commands to any knob, but this a very time-consuming. I hope more people will ask for a manual edit mode for "assigned midi comands" in bitwig. We are able to view the bitwig assigment (per device) but are not allowed to change this.


answered Feb 05 at 08:34 by DotSolenoid (61)

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