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Is there anything currently in Bitwig like the flexible envelopes you see in some VSTs like Kontakt, FM8, or Serum? I'm talking about where you can add as many points as you like and create curves, etc? So far the most similar thing I've found is the 4-Stage. The only thing with the 4-Stage is, you are limited to just 4 points. If there isn't anything like flexible envelopes in Bitwig, besides the 4-Stage, will we ever see that as a modulator option in upcoming releases??

Hi, use the step-sequencer (as Grid Module or as Device) it can have up to 64 steps, that should come close. There might be small listening artefacts due the discrete steps..but possibly, an averager or an Low-pass filter will smoothen (Grid) things more towards straight lines. What I just struggle with: how to control the progress of the step-sequencer but I probably just miss the right example/demo, it cannot be that difficult. Cool idea, by the way- painting curves for volume / cut-off etc, is such an intuitive idea! best regards, Former


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Nice idea, thanks

  — (Feb 05 at 23:43) joncarr

HI Joncarr, Here an finished example..:

  1. The step sequencer as part of an FX Grid device- a bit of logic to be active only when a key is pressed down..and the clock/counter to move the steps forward (with a constant speed here)

  2. A problem: a Bitwig modulator can only modulate the own device or a child device, but not siblings or parent devices.. To overcome this, I found two solutions (one with the help from Voidshine, in another thread):

2.a) Make the FX device the parent and nest the synth device in the FX Slot - like this, the modulator from the step sequencer can change any parameter from the synth.

2b) Solution shown here (from Voidshine)- make the fx device the first in a row, and get the modulation out via Audio out..then add the synth and add an Audio Rate Modulator that receives this audio from the FX device..and with this modulate, any parameter in the synth..

I think this is quite a great tool whenyou need more control on the envelop than ADSR provides. Next level would be to control the speed of the step sequencer more granular/dynamic dependent on a. the velocity of the key pressed. Let me know, if this here usefull!

best regards, Former


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