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Hi all,

I have been having quite an annoying issue lately. Since a few months ago, Bitwig's performance started to get worse on my system, and now it has gotten to a point where I can't work on most of my projects anymore. I never had issues with CPU spikes, but now even a 6 track project with some effects can cause a lag that lasts for a few seconds. Older and bigger projects, which I ran easily back then (the last example was in August) on 1024 samples buffer size, now totally stutter with 2048 samples, and I am kind of lost on how to tackle the whole problem. I feel like VSTs make it worse very quickly, but also the stock plugins take up more CPU than they used to.

All of my drivers are up to date and I try to keep my system clean. I have an HP Pavilion Laptop that is about 3 years old and runs Windows 10, which I also wouldn't rule out as the cause for this development. Honestly though, I really have no clue what it could be. I have an Intel Core i7 6500U and 16GB of RAM. Interface is Steinberg UR22, drivers are also up to date.

There is no certain update or a certain point in time that things suddenly got bad, I just realized a little while ago that I can't really run anything anymore. Also the problem is always a CPU hit, never related to memory or something else.

As this problem is kind of keeping me from making music, I would greatly appreciate any help or advice. Did anybody ever have a similar situation, or knows something that I could maybe try?

Thank you a lot in advance,


Did you update something in the meantime? Maybe a windows update? wasn't there a windows update recently? 1909 I think. Try rolling back to a previuos version and then disable windows updates (search online on how to do it). My advice is to create a separate partition with a separate win install which you use just for music making. Totally off-line (disable the wi-fi card in device manager) so it doesn't auto update. If you NEED to go online use a wi-fi usb stick. Personally I have 3 pcs. An off-line desktop machine, an off-line laptop and another laptop that I use to go online. The first two machines never receive updates; only my daws and my vsts receive updates and I never go online unless it is really necessary.


answered Feb 08 at 01:41 by stamp (186)

This is the best advice. Get it into a working state, then cut the line before your system gets remotely "improved". Brilliant! :)

  — (Feb 08 at 02:27) voidshine

I was having some serious issues on a Windows 10 laptop but the recent update seems to have fixed it. Basically, your machines aren't yours anymore and you have to pray for rain... Good luck!

And if you aren't so lucky with Windows, give Linux a try. That's one of my reasons for adopting BWS, it runs on Linux! Dual booting is easy these days and you can test the different environments to narrow down problems.


answered Feb 07 at 07:03 by voidshine (220)

I actually created an Ubuntu partition for that, but couldn't get it to run Bitwig somehow, always audio driver issues :(

  — (Feb 07 at 17:46) luis_

Bitwig Studio 3.1.1+ worked out of the box with the latest Ubuntu Studio version (at least on my setup). It offers very low latency and the audio system is easily configurable using the Ubuntu Studio Controls application. Give it a try!

And if you have to dual boot, first install Windows and only afterwards Ubuntu Studio.


answered Feb 26 at 17:54 by mkaott (2)

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