asked Feb 07 at 09:38 by Lorenz (31)

edited Feb 07 at 09:44

I am quite new to Bitwig, but the first thought I had when looking at the multi monitor support was, that I would like to have the Arrangement view running on a seperate display while messing around with the clip launcher on the first one. Anybody feels the same? It's not possible yet in Bitwig 3, is it?

select dashboard > settings > User Interface > Display Profile > Dual Display (Master/Detail). I think actually this was the dev's first idea. :)


answered Feb 07 at 11:04 by connmach (38)

Well not exactly. That config shows ClipLauncher/Arranger in one Window and Mixer and Detail(e.g. PianoRoll) in another. Clip Launcher and Arranger can not be spread over two windows that way :)


answered Feb 07 at 17:16 by Lorenz (31)

edited Feb 07 at 17:17

oh you're right i read your post too quickly, although now i don't see the advantage in what you suggest and the configs available. if you think you need it, you always can request the feature at and who knows they agree.


answered Feb 07 at 17:43 by connmach (38)

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