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I'm running Ubuntu 19.04 on a Dell XPS13. I recently took a gamble on a MOTU LP32, and to my surprise it seems to work right out the box. I'm using ALSA, no Jack.

At least, it works with Renoise, in which I can freely route audio in and out of all 24 channels exposed over the USB class compliant protocol. Bitwig, on the other hand, sees the device (and all channels), and I can output audio from it just fine. The MOTU also responds to sample rate changes in the Bitwig UI. However, when I try to route audio from any of its inputs, Bitwig stops playback. It doesn't actually stop, but it becomes silent and the transport appears frozen, and no longer makes forward progress. Disconnecting the audio input from the receiving device in Bitwig causes playback to resume normally.

I should add I'm running Bitwig 2.3. I'll try downloading the latest version for which I'm eligible, and see if that improves matters, but thought I'd post here in case anyone has any bright ideas.

I should add that I'm using 2x MOTU 2408s as standalone DACs/ADCs for testing right now. The 2408 that serves as a DAC is connected to the LP32 by a single lightpipe (LP32 port A out -> 2408 port A in). The 2408 that serves as an ADC is connected to the LP32 by two lightpipes (2408 port A out -> LP32 port B in [for receiving audio], LP32 port B out -> 2408 port A in [for clock sync]). The LP32 serves as the clock master.

Many thanks in advance

I just saw this, which looks to be the same issue:

I should add that Jack is not a viable solution for me. I hope this is a soluble bug in Bitwig's ALSA backend implementation...

  — (Feb 07 at 14:42) linguamachina

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