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Can somebody please explain to me how smart collections work? The manual just says they are dynamic and I'm not really sure what they mean by that. As of right now, I have absolutely no idea what smart collections are or how they work. Any help here is greatly appreciated!!

Hi, A smart collection is something like a saved search. Tricky is you need to know the syntax to fully use it. In the KVr audio forum they had a link to baphometrix handbook, plenty of tips: Chapter „ Search syntax for tighter search results“ and „ Manual collections versus smart collections“ A.e with „creator=Baphometrix tag=97s“ It finds all things with creator Baphometrix AND tag equal 97s. For multiple optional options use OR between the terms. Very usefull and flexible to build aby kind of cross-categories..but a small help with the common search terms Would definitely help in the gui. Regards Former


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Thanks for coming through AGAIN former! Very helpful!

  — (Feb 11 at 19:21) joncarr

(Baphometrix Handbook contains most details and many keyterms you want to know- I just supplement here with one more detail- the OR search)

By default any empty space counts as "AND". Example: tag=seq device_type=instrument will bring up any instrument with the tag "seq"

To extend the tag queries with alternative, use "or" (in small letters-not correctly described above): Example: tag=jazz or funk device_type=instrument - this will find any instrument with a tag jazz or funk

You can also use brackets: (tag=jazz or funk) (creator=you or me) - will deliver all presets with you or me as creator and tags jazz or funk.

I use a Smart collection for a.e arpeggiated instruments, as the default categories from Bitwig do not contain this and are not editable..with Smart collections you can add your own categories, just in a different column than the bitwig default categories.

regards, Former


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Hi, Okay, in a nutshell:

Smart collections: = your own categories, built from queries. Smart Collections are available per top category (devices,presets,samples,multisamples,clips (also!) and exclusively visible inside this top category.

Clips Smart collections show only in browser, when the clip area is selected (Context sensitive)

terms: tag ,device_type (for device area), creator, name, folder, category, package, in_collection,

Syntax: term=value | empty space between terms counts as AND | for OR, use or. Brackets possible. NOT is -.

Empty spaces in Names: a problem, not accepted. You can workaround by a.e using name=maschine name=2 to achieve a search for name "maschine 2". I ask back support for better ways.

For folder, use "" for your path, this is possible (but not with names)

Comment: A pity the name field cannot deal with empty characters in names..I have plenty of samples and clips imported with this. I guess you can use the normal "Collection" and bundle your samples like that as a workaround. Don't forget to vote

best regards, Former


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According to support (17.2.20) there is right now no other workaround or mecanics to get around that "name" term does not accept empty spaces. To split it into multiple subqueries is so far the only way (a.e name="maschine" name="2" will deliver maschine 2 device.)


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smart's depend on smart people


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in my opinion is only good for presets


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