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I'm quite new to Bitwig, having come from another DAW that is... Quite similar... So please forgive me if this is an obvious question.

I have loaded in an audio clip of a drum loop. My goal is to replace each of the drums in the loop with different samples, add appropriate individual FX and vary velocities, as well as make some variations on the basic drum pattern. To do this, I used "slice to Drum Machine" on the original audio and then manually removed any duplicate individual drum sounds.

This all worked great - but now I'd like to export each of the individual samples from the Bitwig Drum Machine so that I can load them in to NI Battery 4 and take advantage of it's modulation, FX, articulations, etc. How can I access each individual drum sample in the Drum Machine and export them to a folder? Is there any easier way to do this than having to drag each individual sample from the Drum Machine to a new track and then export the audio that way?

I couldn't seem to find any details on where Drum Machine \ Sampler stores each individual sample, but I may well have just missed this info, as getting the raw samples would be fine: I can just drag them in to Battery.

Thanks in advance!

Hi probably needs the „manual way“..record a track with all notes of the drumkit played. Bounce it and slice it..from there its on Battery to pick it up..I have maschine 2 and -assuming it works similar- I believe it cannot pick up something from the host directly, workaround likely goes via files.. So use "slice" in place for your audio track, select all slices, then select "bounce". this will automatically export all samples into a subfolder "bounce" of your project..from there it's easy to pick up. Regards Former


answered Feb 11 at 13:16 by former (126)

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Thanks for confirming, Former - much appreciated!

  — (Feb 11 at 13:54) PrecisionMusic

answered Feb 12 at 03:58 by YYBY (56)

Hi, May be you give the Bitwig Drum Maschine a try..I think it's great with FX Chains and Multilayers..I made some experiments with 4 samples on top of each other and and an dedicated FX Chain per Drumkey..and works smoothly. You can also embed Battery 4 per Drumkey Regards, Former


answered Feb 13 at 09:42 by former (126)

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