asked Feb 10 at 18:29 by ErnestoAntonio (21)


i have experienced a weird Problem with some Plugins when reopening a Session. It seems like a Parameter in the Plugin has changed even tho the User Interface and the Value are the same as before. For example it happens with the COMP FET-76 from Arturia that the Output is way to loud when opening the Session. I have to manually turn the Input Gain of the Plugin down and then back to the previous Spot and suddenly the Volume is again on the same level as when I saved the Session. Does anyone else have this Problem with the same/other Plugins? I am on Version 3.1.2. btw.

Thanks in advance

Having a similar problem. I have a bitwig modulator macros assigned to parameters in Serum. So for example, the parameter in serum is set to 0 and the macro controls that parameter from 0-100%. When I reopen the project the plugins don't load at first, so I have to reload them, after that the parameter in serum is set to a random value (30% for example) and the bitwig mod macro then controls it from 30-100% instead of the original 0-100%

tldr: parameters in serum are not loaded correctly


answered Apr 13 at 12:25 by Tamme_T (11)

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