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I tryed to upload a Screenshot of the implentation of the Korg Nanokontroll studio into Bitwig (but i dont have enough loyality points to do so! Man i cant handle Money and i cant handle Points, I spend them in anyway!)

first of all the Nanokontroll has to be set to some Daws that are fix programmed and via the "Nanokontrol "scene" button in conjunction with another button plus switching the unit to "on" , gets you to the Hotrouted Daws - (to get the Ableton Live Hotroute or Protokoll in the NanoKontrol - you have to hold "scene" - "marker Arrow Right" and push the "on" button!

Now iam in Ableton mode on the Device - This should hopefully be the right preference for the Nano studio.

and iam able to set up a Generic / FLEXI setting in Bitwigs / settings / Controller section... But the Following preferences in this Menue are somehow not really in my Knowledgebase!

So can anybody please give me a little Hind how he managed to set his Nanokontrol studio with Bitwig??

thank you in Advance

Hei man.

I'm sorry but I'm having a really hard time understanding what you are writing.

I have a NanoKontrol 2 that I'm trying to get working, only thing I'm able to do with it today is to Stop and Start the Transport. I remember trying it out with Bitwig 2 and it worked out of the box with the faders as volume sliders, but on version 3 it doesn't seem to work. Got no idea why but I didn't dive that far into trying to troubleshoot it yet.

How do you put it into Ableton mode? Is that done in Bitwig or on the device itself? Or maybe using another some other software?

Did you try setting the device up as a Korg NanoKontrol device and not as a Generic controller?

All the best, Hreggvi├░ur.


answered Mar 24 at 21:46 by hregg (11)

hey my man

seems like it dont work with bitwig! There are no problems on any other daw!

Probably with a future update of bitwig...

Bitwig users are screaming to loud... thats the only reason why iam a bit disapointed of BW

i wish good luck


answered Mar 25 at 08:15 by Aufholzer (0)


So I figured it out.

Under Settings - Controllers and the Korg Nanokontrol 2 device, there is a question mark. If you click that, Bitwig will open the documentation about the control scheme.

It's rather deep and built in a way that let's you control most everything you need without having to touch a keyboard, which is exactly what I was hoping to do so I'm rather happy with this solution. It has a bit of a learning curve but I can live with that to give up the keyboard.

All the best! Hreggvi├░ur


answered Mar 30 at 02:20 by hregg (11)

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