asked Feb 15 at 20:07 by xioux (11)

I just bought a Licence for Bitwig 3 and payed with Paypal, however I only got a receipt but no licence at all.

Is this normal ? have I been scammed ? I really needed a functioning bitwig on the day that I bought it for a little project but ended up with no money, no license and delayed project.

You should see it in your account when you login on the main website.


answered Feb 16 at 07:03 by nosel (11)

Thank you for your quick reply but there is no license on my bitwig account!


answered Feb 16 at 07:17 by xioux (11)

Looking back at my receipt from 2Checkout (an email you should receive after the paypal receipt) the serial number is on it. You can copy and paste it from the 2Checkout receipt into your account to activate. Try searching for "2Checkout" in your mailbox.


answered Feb 16 at 07:24 by nosel (11)

Hi Lilie,

have you found your license info?

If not, dig better in your folders, even in the SPAM folder. Personally I never had trouble with license info since I bought Bitwig the first time in 2015.

If you still do not find it, send an e-mail to

Hope this helps,



answered Feb 17 at 11:22 by fsciarra62 (890)

Thank you all for your answers. I managed to get my license in the end but it was a tedious process.

I paid with PayPal and I have a Microsoft email associated with my account but for some weird reasons none of the emails from the company that process the payment ( did not manage to get through, although I extensively checked my spam and double checked my filter settings ( I actually have no spam and no filters ).

I reckon Microsoft considers suspicious the domain 2checkout or something like that and blocks their emails .

I eventually asked my license to be sent to a gmail address and that solved the problem...after 3 days


answered Feb 17 at 13:48 by xioux (11)

well... you can thank Microsoft again... and again... and again... lol :-D

  — (Feb 18 at 11:36) fsciarra62

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