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I rarely have quirky behaviours in a grid..step sequencer that suddenly jump back, gates slippling, samplers playing in a different pitch, all kind of glitches. Mostly, I probably do something wrong. But sometimes, it helps to save and close the file and reopen- and it acts normally again. So this is a memory in so many programming environments, this can happen. I have it more often when using the transporter with play/stop..

Anyway- is there a way to clean the memory and set a grid back to his original loading state, without closing the file - a kind of memory flush ?

best regards, Former

I haven't gotten into this semi-broken state, but I've crashed the Audio Engine a few times. It picks itself back up and starts working again. So try deactivating and killing the Audio Engine -- right-click the DSP Performance Graph button in the Transport area to get the menu. Then reactivate Audio Engine for the project and see if things clear up.


answered Feb 21 at 04:48 by voidshine (302)

@former: How is your Bitwig 'savety level' set up in Settings -> Plug-ins -> Plug-in Hosting Mode? Maybe you have it put to 'Individually' and your system is running out of RAM. Only a thought, haven't had this issue on my system (big RAM).


answered Feb 21 at 11:54 by LessLyrics (118)

Hi Both, @Voidshine: The reset Audio Engine trick is neat..but enforces- like closing and reloading the file, to load all plugins, and this can be tedious. Also, it didn't help here. But might work in other cases, anyway nice to know.

  • Memory: I have 20GB RAM..difficult to beat that. I did not encapsulate/set individidually most of my VST- but agree, have plenty of them, cannot exclude they interfere. I changed now and set two other VST to "individually" but doesn't make a difference.

  • Also, the CPU Meter isn't going up (Well it's not measuring RAM, but still could be correlated).

  • I have now a preset with a poly grid- when I copy paste the grid contents into a new poly grid then it works. But in the original one, the "steps" and "Gates" module are messed up and just submit 1 signal where they should send three. There is nothing else than this device in the file, no other plugs active, bitwig internals only..I admit it's a bit of complex setting as I use the grid for Midi signal creation and then have a "test tone"/"Replacer" as midi receivers in the FX slot and then an "instrument selector" with 3 samplers in it..somehow, the hole setting is messing up the midi/gating chain. Will send that to Bitwig support they might look behind the curts, how this can mess up the midi chains. Some Midi tracer would be helpfull for such cases- Matthew Holmgrew had something but that was very hacky, around controllers..would need a device for that case instead. Also I am not sure if I can disable plugs from Bitwig completely and temporarily (you can deactivate devices), that might help also.

  • List item

best regards, Former


answered Feb 22 at 11:40 by former (277)

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Further narrowing the issue down, I could create a patch where the polygrid was defect and the steps module clearly triggered only 1 event where it should be 3. Same modules copied in a new polygrid worked like a charm. This is stable beyond saving/closing.

This gives Proof, a grid can be corrupted and saves this, under certain circumstances. I found it Mostly around using Steps/adsr/gates combinations plus device instrument selector (in multivoice settings)..a pity, as steps is so usefull in many situations..anyone else with similar observations?

Best regards, Former


answered Feb 27 at 13:54 by former (277)

I haven't hit this problem yet, but I don't get as much time in the Grid as I'd like. Recommending a bug report, especially if you have a project that can easily repro with a few steps.

  — (Feb 29 at 03:38) voidshine

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