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I need advice concerning activation headaches:

I've just bought bitwig, and activated it on the machine I used to purchase it. I need advice on the 'three machines' issue. I have the following setup:

  • 1 HP xw6400 with two hard drives, one with Windows 7 Pro and a complete set of VSTs, one with Ubuntu Studio.
  • 1 HP Z800 with two hard drives, one with Windows 7 Pro and a smaller music setup, one with Ubuntu Studio
  • 2 Acer laptops, circa late 2012, with SSDs, both running Ubuntu Studio, one i5 with a valid license for PianoTeq Stage, one i3 on which I activated bitwig already, which has better battery life.
  • 1 Asus laptop, circa 2015, with i5U, running Windows 8, which is my only laptop which can run my Windows VSTs.
  • 1 Sony vaio, circa 2010, with an i5-430M, which is best only used for its 1080p screen, but which still has an activated copy of PianoTeq.

I generally prefer Linux, and only boot into Windows to run my Windows VSTs under software like Reaper. I also have a 2008 edition iMac, but that is really into its retirement. My reason for buying Bitwig is that, like Renoise, it runs well under both Windows and Ubuntu. For me, Linux should be the future platform for music given how it handles realtime processes and can be patched if necessary to ensure optimal performance for music production, whereas Windows is a messy black box that requires careful prayer amongst other things to ensure proper functioning, but has all those shiny VSTs written for it.

Given that the Acer i3 and the HP xw6400 are already activated, but that the Acer i3 was possibly a mistake, which other machines should I activate? I am only one human, and cannot realistically use more than two machines at once. Does the license need to be so pedantic about usage quotas?

I find license conditions that say that I cannot run software I've paid for on the machine I am currently using to be very annoying (and requiring internet validation when there is no working internet is another issue entirely, and that can happen when you are in rural areas, of which there are many nearby where I live).

Well, you didn't buy the software. you just bought the license to use it. Having the ability to run on 3 machines is quite generous compared to many other models, as you say you can only use one at once.

On your account page you can remove hosts, so this should allow you to pick the 3 machines on which to install and use the software. Also I heard there is the possibility for temporary licenses, for such cases you need to use a borrowed machine, though I am unaware how this works as it's not something I have used.

Failing that, contact tech support and chat with them. They are very nice people .


answered Mar 30 '15 at 23:32 by sarwoo (131)

edited Mar 30 '15 at 23:37

Firstly, that doesn't answer the question: which machines to activate (and if machine+os combination counts as one machine, the essential problem remains). Essentially I wish to support Bitwig because of their support for Linux, and I wish to use it as best the license allows. But I cannot realistically try things out in real world scenarios without activating, so I need to figure out, in advance, which machines it is best to activate it on. This could all be avoided with a different licensing scheme, indeed I'd be happy to play slightly more (but can only justify slightly more) for an alternative scheme whereby I can explain my setup to bitwig and once they're happy with my setup, process the appropriate authentications. This would require human attention, but I prefer that to attempts at covering every use case with automated logic. That is what annoys me: computer usage and music production are being complicated by legal issues that I do not enjoy having to think about, and unnecessary thinking and reasoning tends to destroy my delicate creative thought processes.. It really comes down to what matters most? Computer music, music production and the art of music in general, or making money. The latter is a necessity, but beyond what is necessary, money making logic tends to complicate the rest of life.

In any case, I will take your advice and email the above question to tech support and ask them. Perhaps I am just an interestingly different use case they just haven't thought of.


answered Apr 01 '15 at 12:56 by Chalisque (11)

There is nothing stopping you putting BItwig on all your machines and running in demo mode to see which one works the best. The only restriction is that you can't save in demo mode, but it does allow you to test 99.9% of the rest of Bitwig. However well intentioned anyone else's opinion is, the final decision is yours with regard to the machines you use.


answered Apr 01 '15 at 14:20 by sarwoo (131)

As far as I've seen, you can manage your three licenses all by yourself. Just un-register a device and register another. That should do the trick. Also, you can activate temporarily if you're online. - That means - only for your active session. I've already tried that and it worked without "wasting" a license.


answered Jan 30 '17 at 16:05 by mux (75)

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