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I am struggling to get automation to work for "Mixer Mute" in the clip launcher.

I select my clip, go into the "Mixer Mute" automation menu, draw the automation like follows:

  • Mute before Clip = 1
  • Mute during Clip = 0
  • Mute after Clip = 1

But when I stop the clip, nothing gets muted. No matter if free-fun or auto option is selected or not. Expected behaviour: Mixer lane is muted when clip is stopped. Starting the clip again should unmute it for its duration only.

I have also tried setting the mixer volume the same way, but the state it not stored as well.

Background info: I need this to work, for being able to "mute" poly grid creations after the clips have stopped.

I hope someone can come up with a suggestion. Thank you very much!

Track parameters like Mixer Mute, Volume, and even device values -- all have a default setting for the track as a whole. Launcher clips can override these temporarily but when the Launcher is stopped, values return to the track settings. This is generally preferable to remembering whatever value was last set at the moment a clip was stopped -- the defaults offer a stable state for predictable behavior.

You can do what you're trying to do by setting the track to Mute by default. Then whenever no clip is playing, it will always be muted.

Or you could set the clip's Next action to return to arranger (instead of Stop). Then you can define mute states differently across the timeline. Just be sure the value is being automated (check the Restore Automation Control indicator in Transport). The arranger automation will override the default while running, so if you do set a value there, it can be different from the default -- this could help with workflow, where you might want it unmuted while stopped, but muted normally while running.


answered Feb 23 at 21:38 by voidshine (302)

Thanks a lot! I muted the whole track, and now it works - the automation unmutes the mixer only for the duration of the clip. So this is great. But as you said, this is really not ideal. E.g. if you stop the clip in the middle, it won't reach that point where it gets muted.

  — (Feb 24 at 16:37) mkaott

An alternative approach -- instead of automation, you can do what I usually do with droning Grid beasts: modify their internal structure to give you some form of control. You can use gate signals, an AR envelope, check transport status, etc. The "Key On" device in the I/O section is probably ideal for what you want. Use a special note or channel to gate the grid so it sounds only when that note's on.


answered Feb 23 at 21:46 by voidshine (302)

Thanks for the hint. I will look into this! At the moment I don't really understand why the poly grid is not stopping in the first place when stopping clips. I am new to this whole modular idea.

  — (Feb 24 at 16:39) mkaott

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