asked Feb 23 at 21:00 by Ollerbytes (11)

Hello! I've been working for several months on a project without any issue, but today I can't open it, Bitwig shows the message:

[Could not open project] "Null character found in binary string."

Has anybody faced this kind of issue?

That sounds like some form of data corruption. It could be a hardware or software problem. Hard drives and files occasionally go bad and there's not much to be done but restore a backup. If you can reproduce the problem predictably then it's definitely worth filing a bug report.


answered Feb 23 at 21:50 by voidshine (302)

It's not possible. I have Software dedicated to checking the drivers' health, the one I use to store all of the Bitwig projects is one of the best in the market, it has never failed before. In fact, it wouldn't save to the disk in the first place, it would show a different kind of error. I have Auto-Backups for 3 hours before, I managed to recover one from 2 hours earlier. Besides I'm a Software Engineer (Full Stack Developer) I'm aware of what you think was the issue, but with the kind of equipment and software I have it is not possible.

  — (Feb 24 at 01:50) Ollerbytes

Since I identified the first auto-backup that had failed, what the Bitwig team can do is compare the auto-back project file that was working (5:21 am) VS the first one that was started failing (7:01 am). This is the fastest way they can realize what caused the failure.

  — (Feb 24 at 02:58) Ollerbytes

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