asked Feb 24 at 05:10 by kvick (0)

I tried searching in the hotkey menus for a way to change the setting for adjusting the density of the beat grid and whether it's straight/triplet timing etc. but couldn't find any, either I am searching for the wrong names or that functionality isn't exposed to the hotkey menu.

Started using bitwig from ableton and I use the ableton hotkeys of ctrl+1/2/3 constantly to change the grid density.

Does it currently exist? and if not, could it? :)

There ARE hot keys for switching from straight to triole, quintole, septole and back. Keys are Alt + . (period, increase) and Alt + , (comma, decrease).

With comma and period you decrease/increase the grid size (8th to 16th and so on).

In both cases you exit the grid size automation mode since you switch to a fixed size.

In the SETTINGS -> Shortcuts the Mapping names are
Previous/Next Beat Grid Subdivision
Smaller/Larger Beat Grid


answered Feb 25 at 02:21 by LessLyrics (118)

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This is exactly what I was looking for thank you!!! The subdivision default hotkeys were not working for some reason but I remapped it to ctrl +3 and ctrl + 4.

  — (Feb 28 at 18:47) kvick

Thx for chiming in. Yes, i am aware of all that but that is not what OP is wishing for. He wants shortcuts with which he can directly choose a grid division value. For instance: SHIFT+1 for bars, SHIFT+4 for 1/4, etc etc.


answered Feb 25 at 07:02 by vanhaze (29)


LessLyrics' post actually was what I was looking for, but this is also a good suggestion that would be nice to have the option for

  — (Feb 28 at 18:48) kvick

Hi ! No i am sorry: there are unluckily enough no commands available in the Shortcuts List for those 2. I hope that BW will implement those, i really miss them for faster workflow.


answered Feb 24 at 17:26 by vanhaze (29)

As vanhaze said - coming from Ableton, this is still little bit missing (tough offset of clip, grid and clip block made me forgetting it).. I also think there is some


answered May 19 at 14:19 by Sigsally (24)

edited May 19 at 14:20

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