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Hi, I have an Massive VST as synth and added Serum FX afterwards (has a great Waveshaper). The Waveshapper requires a midi input to start the LFO. But nothing happens, as Massive doesn't pass-through the midi signal. How to get around that ?

Checking my Synth, I found following:

  • Pass Through Midi: all Bitwig Instruments, Poly Grid & FX Grid, Arturia Pigments, Serum

  • No Pass Through Midi: Kontakt, Massive, Maschine 2 (All Native Instruments?), Sunrizer

So this is quite a common problem- half of the synth don't pass-through midi.

best regards Former

I found Note receiver is very selective, what device it can "see", but very usefull, as it can receive midi also when located on other tracks.

  • Doesn't see: Bitwig Instruments, Serum (?). Devices: most FX devices except replacer
  • Does see: Kontakt, Massive, Maschine 2, Arturia, Sunrizer, From FX only: Replacer (Not suited, modified signal(?), all Note Devices- but neutral are only Note FX Layer ), Instrument Layer/Selector (works), Chain (but doesn't help as its output is also interrupted))

Summarizing it into a best practice: When your instrument doesn't pass-through midi (yellow squares), then nest in an instrument layer/selector (also for use on other tracks via note receiver)

I guess note receiver doesn't see especially bitwig devices because it's not needed when they are exclusively on a track (it can just listen to that track end)- however if mixed with devices non-passing-through midi, this requires then a workaround as the instrument layer/selector to get that ability back.

Please upvote, if helpfull. And let me know, if you found better explanations for the selective behaviour of note receiver.

best regards, Former


answered Feb 27 at 21:08 by former (277)

So far, I found two methods:

1.Method: Use a container device able to forward Midi: A.e make an Instrument Layer/Selector or one of the Grids the parent, then add the Synt in the Post FX Slot, and then add the FX after the parent device (Not nested!). And it will receive midi. That is quite elegant, but may need more CPU power (?) (it doesn't work with the Chain device)

2.Method: Use a Note device in front of the Synth (preferably a neutral one like Note FX Layer or Note Pitch Shifter) and then add a Note receiver after the synth and before the FX device. And point the note receiver to the very first device. This will bypass the midi signal to the device afterwards. A bit clumsy, but works.

That brings to me my 2nd question: Note receiver is usefull as it can be placed also on other tracks and receive midi: However, it feels completey random what device it can see and what not..


answered Feb 27 at 20:03 by former (277)

Yeah, Ctrl+G is a good friend. It encapsulates instruments and lets the MIDI data flow into and around them.


answered Feb 28 at 13:11 by voidshine (302)

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