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Hi there, I am trying to write my controller script and would like to bind a specific action to a button press. As far as I understood createAction would help me, if I would find out how a Runnable a Supplier should be, but this is absolutely not documented. I am not a Java or JavaScript developer, and probably lack some basics. If someone has a simple example, that would be super great. Thank you in advance,

I hope to have a tutorial video ready during the weekend (first overview of API 10 is already online on my channel).

If you have neither Java or JavaScript skills, you need to learn that first. There is no shortcut for that :-)

Regarding JavaScript, it is strongly advised to use Java instead since it has many advantage. For the tutorial video I will do the examples in JavaScript for simplicity and so far it seems the hardware API works fine with that too.


answered Apr 30 at 09:46 by moss (143)


Nice, I am looking forward. I am actually a software developer (but not in JavaScript) and hopefully able to get required skills. As a developer I can understand the benefits of Java over JavaScript. But as a user, I like to be able to quickly experiment workflows, with as less overhead as possible.

  — (Apr 30 at 10:08) quiniouben

Hi Moss, I'd very much like to contribute to API 10 and 11 framework development. It's been a while since I wrote any Java (around when they made G1 the default garbage collector), but once I refresh myself on how to set up Java itself for dev I'll be good to go.

Is there any slack or discord or other forum for dev communication for people who want to contribute to a common extension framework? I'm wanting to focus initially on the HardwareSurface API and abstracting around that. If there's a better way to contact you about this, let me know and I'm happy to use it.

Thanks for all the insane work you've put into DrivenByMoss!

  — (Apr 30 at 23:12) flowstategames

I'm having the exact same issue. I have emailed support about it but my gut feeling is that we'll have to use Java.

They should stop advertising the javascript API if it's not supported. Or add some modern examples, as all their examples are using API 1.

1 of 11.


answered Apr 30 at 08:11 by flowstategames (33)

First part is online:

Have fun :-)


answered May 01 at 21:24 by moss (143)

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