asked Feb 28 at 07:25 by shainey (11)

Is there a way to do this? Like so you can play for a loop and have it automatically quantize the clip?

Also is it possible to do a clip record for a set amount of time? Like instead of hitting record on the clip and it going indefinitely, it just records for 4 - 8 - 16 - however many bars? Thanks!

Yes, Record Quantization settings are under the Play menu. For fixed length clip recording, I use the Push 2 controller but you can do it without a controller: create a clip of whatever length you like, and then turn on Clip Launcher Overdub. Play the clip to write it; record quantize settings will be applied to the overdub.


answered Feb 29 at 19:39 by voidshine (302)

"do a clip record for a set amount of time": You can also use punch in and punch out (symbols are to the right of the cycle symbol in transport bar) which enables recording at the beginning of the loop region and disables it at the end (if you are not in loop mode).


answered Mar 02 at 11:28 by LessLyrics (118)

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