asked Feb 29 at 05:15 by Sigsally (24)

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How do I map Cue markers to keyboard?

Sorry for trivial q. - since 2.3 I was using next/ previous Cuemarkers and stopped mapping them, now I wanted to map it again and getting lost..

Edit: It was mentioned here (voidshine) - I kind of overlook it (because that was not what I was looking 4), that u can map particular cuemarkers, but only by order: one by one - not like in Ableton, that u mark only the one you choose. This made mapping CM in BW 4me useless and that is why I actually stopped using it and after some time I was thinking why the hell I am not using them…. )) Anyway minor thing...

Go to Settings; find Shortcuts at the bottom of the list at left. Filter actions with the word "cue".


answered Feb 29 at 19:51 by voidshine (302)

Yep, I was filtering word cue, but did not unclick Launch cue marker....


  — (Mar 01 at 01:23) Sigsally

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