asked Feb 29 at 22:10 by JadeCicada (11)

I can't believe I'm asking this, and I certainly hope there's a way to fix this, but why are my samples out of numerical order? For example:

Kick1, Kick11, Kick12, Kick13, Kick14, Kick15, Kick16, Kick17, Kick18, Kick19, Kick2, Kick20.

It seems like a massive bug that they've never fixed that their browser can't seem to get file numbering in order.

Here is an image if this doesn't make sense to you:

alt text

It isn't a bug; the filenames are sorted alphabetically. It's a common problem with filenames containing numbers that you'll see in filesystem browsers as well: Windows explorer, Linux file managers, etc. will sort like this. To get the order you expect, rename the files so that the numbers all have the same digit count, and use leading zeros. JC-KICK-01.wav, JC-KICK-02.wav, etc.

On the other hand, it might be a nice feature if Bitwig parsed numbers out of filenames and took care of ordering automatically.


answered Mar 01 at 02:40 by voidshine (302)

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