asked Mar 01 at 19:57 by mortoray (73)

When I write a song I often start by writing most of the notes in one track. Then later I'd like to separate them out into treble/bass, or left/right hand for piano.

I do this by duplicating the track and then removing a bunch of notes from one track. But then I have to do the same with the other track. Is there by chance some way to subtract notes? Then I could simply subtract the track which I already removed notes from.

Or is there another way to separate the tracks easily? Such as by selecting notes and moving to another track.

For those who don't know I at least wanted to mention that it is possible to mark all events of a note at once by clicking on the vertical keyboard. You do not need to delete notes one by one. For example clicking on C3 marks all C3 notes. Then you can delete them with backspace or delete key.

What makes things easier also is using the Layered Editing Mode (layer symbol bottom left in Detail Editor, use Track mode) . After duplicating your track several times (and renaming) you can first pin the tracks you want to keep visible. Then you can lock layers using the lock symbol to delete only notes on the unlocked layers/tracks.

I don't know of an easier way to separate Midi events. For me that's quite an easy way already. Does anyone else know of any other options?


answered Mar 02 at 11:11 by LessLyrics (118)

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