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I never have issues with these plugins before, then I updated to FX collection and every time I load any Arturia plugin and open the GUI window and cloes it or even highlight a differnet audio or midi channel and plugin would crash and even sometimes crash the audio engine, Im just wondering if anyone knows this problem or has the same problem, just so I know it's not my computer, ive checked drivers and anywhere I need updates and I still have the problem, I've reinstalled plugins with no effect. Any answers or help would be of great help.

Many thanks.

"MY SPECS" Windows 10 64bit Bitwig 3.1.2 (2020-01-10 Build)

Does anyone has OB-Xa and can't launch it? BT3.1.2 all synth from Arturia collection working well


answered May 25 at 09:39 by Sergenity (11)

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Same for me. No Arturia collection 7 soft synths.


answered Jun 28 at 15:51 by ianflitman (11)

Updated video driver and still no go


answered Jun 30 at 17:24 by ianflitman (11)

My Problem was with the Fx colletion plugins, I could see my plugins in the bitwig browser, but when I would load onto a channel and open GUI it would crash the audio engine, so updating video driver got it sorted for me, so I dont know if your problem is the same, maybe something to do with file location or something, hope this helped. :)

  — (Jun 30 at 18:20) DaveGraham

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