asked Mar 04 at 18:13 by mortoray (73)

Is there an FX that can randomize when a note starts. Currently I have everything perfectly grid aligned but would like to add a bit of natural variation, so everything doesn't have perfect timing.

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Yeah, just modulate a Note Echo device's delay time with a Random modulator. On the Note Echo, turn on the "Mute Input Note". Then on the Random modulator, set the Trigger Mode to Note and the Timebase to Hold -- this will generate a new random modulation value for each note played.

Here's a screenshot:


answered Mar 07 at 04:41 by voidshine (302)

Hi, There is the main section of Bitwig (Suboptions from the Play button, in the top bar) the option to add "Groove" or "Swing" for simple variations.

If you want to go beyond this, you will need the modulators (on your synthesizer/vst), or add an Note device (a.e Note pitch, note echo) ahead of the vst, or then pass your midi data into an FX grid where you have fancy randomizers but this might be a bit complex in routing.

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answered Mar 05 at 09:55 by former (277)

Hi I just checked out the „random“ modulator and it seems you get most also from this without the need for the grid. But it will not modulate any note in the arranger, you need them to get through a device which can be modulated (a.e an note pitch device or similar). There are literally hundreds of methods, I just dipped into it.

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answered Mar 06 at 08:28 by former (277)

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