asked Mar 06 at 02:05 by mike1851 (11)

Hello, I am new to Bitwig, having recently switched from Logic and Presonus. I am finding it hard to wrap my head around routing to and compressing my recorded audio to my WA76 compressor. My audio interface is a Motu 828ES.

I have been able to finally route the audio through the interface and get the compressor to work. I am however having trouble figuring out how to get the compressed audio into Bitwig so I can bounce it. Currently the bounced output is the uncompressed audio so I am guessing my routing is off.

I have tried routing from the audio track to the HW FX track to the master track but this isn’t working.

Is there something I am missing?

Thanks in advance!

The way bouncing works in Bitwig 3.1.2, only the first device in the track signal chain is rendered. So if you want it to include effects you have to nest them within the first device. This can usually be done by moving an effect into the FX/Wet-FX section of the device. If it doesn't have one, you can always use a Chain as your first device.


answered Mar 07 at 04:48 by voidshine (302)

I am having thoughts of going back to Presonus haha. Something is wrong with my routing. I have an Eventide H9 effect box hooked up to Analog 8 (both in and out) on my Motu 828ES. When I play my track in Bitwig I can hear the H9 effect from my speakers but when I export audio the effect isn’t in the bounced track.

I have tried creating a seperate HWfx track. Routing sound in from track 1 out to the master track. In the device I am selecting mono in and studio out. I can hear the effect when playing but not bouncing.

I have also tried nesting the HWfx in the audio track but this doesn’t work either.



answered Mar 08 at 02:02 by mike1851 (11)

I’m able to add a VST effect and bounce the audio correctly. So the audio post H9 mustn’t be coming back into Bitwig.


answered Mar 08 at 02:27 by mike1851 (11)

Yeah, it should not be too hard. Try right-clicking an audio clip on a track with exactly one HW-FX device only; select Bounce. Choose Pre-Fader and see if the checking the Real-time option helps. If not, there are other Custom options you can mess with, but the defaults should make it pretty easy.

In general I recommend doing this kind of thing to "commit to audio clips" before doing an arrangement audio export.


answered Mar 08 at 02:32 by voidshine (302)

I use FL Studio plugins because they sound great. But they are fairly unpredictable in that they never produce exactly the same output twice. So I treat them "like hardware" and bounce them down so that my projects will export reliably. The quickest way is to Ctrl+B bounce in place on clip selections, but I use the right-click clip context menu Bounce option whenever I need more control. If the full project is composed of audio clips and Bitwig devices only, then I expect reliable arrangement renders.

  — (Mar 08 at 02:38) voidshine

Thanks! I’ll try that.


answered Mar 08 at 05:08 by mike1851 (11)

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