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Feature Request:

This is just a thought, and I'm not sure how feasible it would really be to do, especially for tracks containing many different elements, but..

How about adding a setting to allow track colors to adapt to the dominant frequencies present in a track?

When such a setting is enabled, each track could automatically reanalyze the content of the track and then update the color scheme for that track (or perhaps even clip), based on the dominant frequency detected in the track?

This way, in theory, each different elements (kick drums, leads, hi-hats, etc.) would tend to be associated with similar colors, making it easier to find different elements between projects without any manual assignment of colors. Moreover, tying the color choices to the frequency spectrum would also give a visual sense of how the spectrum is currently being used in a project, and perhaps, where there is a bit of crowding / some free space?

Finally, to go one step further, it would probably be useful to provide some mechanism to allow users to use a mix of this + some manual control, e.g. automatically color by default, but allow users to "freeze" the color on selected tracks or clips. Any time a user manually chooses a color would also enable color freezing for that element, until the user unfreezes it.


System Info

  • Arch Linux 5.5.8 (64-bit)
  • Bitwig 3.1.2

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