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Hello there!

I'm looking to upgrade the firmware for my 2013 Mackie MCU Mixer via Bitwig. The instructions from the manufacturer are here:

In the instructions, it mentions selecting the Mackie MCU mixer as being a MIDI output and playing a track from their provided MIDI file to perform the Firmware update.

However, when I attempt to import their file into Bitwig, I receive an error stating that the midi file is empty, and it does not appear in my DAW.

Here's the file in question:

(It's contained inside the zip as "MCUv4.0.3.mid")

Upon inspection, this file doesn't appear empty, but rather, appears to have around 88KB of data.

I'm wondering if this file cannot be imported because it doesn't have any musical MIDI data, but rather some other data that is solely intended to perform a firmware update.

I've been able to load this data in other DAWs, but I would love to continue to use BitWig as my primary driver, and this workflow would be awesome to be supported to update my devices.

Is there anything I can do to update the firmware of my mixer?

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