asked Mar 18 at 09:34 by andreilien (21)

Hi. I'm wondering if there is a workaround to set exact min/ max values on bitwig macros, like you can in the mapping editor in Ableton's audio effect racks. This kind of thing is useful for many things. For example, if I want to have a few different effects mapped on one knob, and have their device on/off at different parts of the knob ( like the fx selector in bitwig, or chain selector in ableton), and also have specific parameter mappings along different parts of the knob as well. I have been struggling to figure out how to replicate those kind of macro assignments in bitwig. I know the macros work differently in Bitwig, and can do things that Ableton's can't. But, it would be cool if they maybe added another type of macro that included a mapping editor. I realize, that you wouldn't be able to do certain things with that type of macro in Bitwig, that you can do with the current macros. So, if it was just a separate macro that could overtake the knob control, like Ableton's do, it would be a big help, for users like me who come from an Ableton workflow. If something like that isn't possible, I was thinking, if I could just simply add min/max values to a macro that is assigned to the selection on an fx selector, then I could so those same type of muti fx knobs. Does anyone think something like that would be easy enough to just setup in the grid ( bassically, a min/ max mapping editor for macros). Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

You can write exact values in the inspector. Min value will be the position of the targeted parameter. Macros can also be bipolar. Quite flexible imo.


answered Mar 18 at 16:49 by stamp (186)

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I'm pretty sure that the values in the inspector work differently than what I'm talking about though, because you can't place those values along different sections of the macro's knob rotation. What I was referring to was, for example, having a delay time mapped to the first 1/4 of the knob, a bitcrusher on the 2nd 1/4t, a filter mod on the 3rd 1/4 and a distortion wet/ dry on the 4th 1/4. So, basically, being able to set those min/ max values along different sections of the knob rotation. If that is possible, right now, that would be great. Please let me know. Thank you.


answered Mar 18 at 21:49 by andreilien (21)

Ah ok. Now I understand. This is not possible using just macros. But maybe some clever use of modulators can help you achieve what you want. The polynom modulator comes to my mind.


answered Mar 19 at 16:16 by stamp (186)

Thanks for the help. I will look into other alternatives more. The modulation system in Bitwig is amazing, but I guess I need to figure out different approaches to some of the types of racks I was used to from before. I will look into the Polynom modulator. I might try to see if I can replicate that kind of thing in the grid too. Years ago, I set up an effect like that in Reaktor. I just haven't explored the Grid enough yet.


answered Mar 20 at 01:34 by andreilien (21)

Hey Andre, did you figure out a solution within the Grid, I think I did and it’s so much more versatile than Ableton. Let me know if you’re interested.


answered yesterday by olliejacobs (11)

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Hey olliejacobs,

I am... We are... Please share your solution!



answered 7 hours ago by fsciarra62 (890)

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Hey Fabrizio, I'll make a video for you ASAP. Never done this before so please be patient! :-)


answered 55 mins ago by olliejacobs (11)

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