asked Mar 20 at 14:56 by ReaktorDave (21)

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I love how Bitwig organizes my plugin's parameters into remote control pages and automaps them to my controller. But I do have 16 knobs and it would be great to actually make use of the remaining 8 knobs! All I found so far was a special setting allowing me to add a 9th knob per page.

How can I add more knobs than 8 or 9 to a remote control page?

Also: is there another way of automapping my remaining 8 knobs to currently active plugins than using remote control pages?

If I recall it correctly, you can make pages of 8 controls your self. So you need to change the page and then you have the other controllers. I don't think it possible to stretch the standard 8 to 16.


answered Mar 20 at 16:01 by Solidtrax (1.0k)

I'm aware of the possibility to change remote control pages. I'm looking for a way to use the remaining knobs 9-16 in the remote control pages workflow.

If that currently not possible, how can I make feature requests to the Bitwig developers?

  — (Mar 20 at 16:07) ReaktorDave

That's possbile via a ticket at: support @ bitwig . com - to be honest I am not that much into coding anymore for a long time. but it seems that it is possible via the scripting engine. Thomas Helzle gave some tips in the same thread. Hope this helps:

  — (Apr 11 at 21:15) Solidtrax

I'm attempting to script something that to control more than 1 page at a time for the bcr2000... Gonna press to get it working somehow!!

@solidtrax that is exactly what i was looking for. unlocks a whole new dimension of possibilities here.


answered Apr 11 at 02:22 by kirkwoodwest (33)

edited Apr 12 at 07:55

Awesome to read @kirkwoodwest - have fun!

  — (Apr 12 at 08:13) Solidtrax

According to aMUSEd on KVR, having more than 9 knobs on a remote control page is currently not possible.


answered Apr 01 at 15:45 by ReaktorDave (21)

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