asked Mar 26 at 01:39 by schaferyan (11)

Hello, I am running Bitwig Studio 3.01 on a Lenova ThinkCentre with Windows 10, an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3550 CPU, and 16 GB RAM. My audio interface is an Onyx Blackjack.

When I configure JACK as my audio system driver model and connect to the JACK server, and then attempt to record audio I experience about a full second lag.

I have tried adjusting the latency setting in JACK, exploring the full range of settings, and it seems to make little difference. Has anyone else experienced this or can anyone suggest a solution?

Doesn't your audio interface come with an asio driver?


answered Mar 29 at 05:39 by stamp (186)

I'm not sure how to check that or how it can help me. I'm sorry if it should be obvious but would you mind elaborating?

  — (Mar 29 at 06:39) schaferyan

I also experience about a full second lag. slitherio


answered May 13 at 08:40 by martinelliott (11)

Have you tried ASIO 4 ALL? Check out Molten Music on Youtube, he has videos about optimising audio on a MS Surface Pro, although the device is different, some of the principles may still be helpful.


answered May 13 at 09:14 by sticklebrick (480)

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