asked Mar 26 at 17:49 by agentaqua (11)

I recently moved from Ableton to Bitwig hoping to completely transition, but I was fighting with my audio then I noticed something odd. I played an .mp3 file in media player. Sounds great. I then imported it into Ableton removed all effects and .vsts. Sounds exactly the same, great. I did the same thing in Bitwig but it sounds dull and muddy. All effects and .vsts are off so there should be no influence. In order to make the clip sound like the original I need to add eq and boost the mid and high ranges. Is there a setting or something hidden that is causing this. It is a serious problem.

Win 10 64bit 8gb ram Focusrite Scarlett Solo x2

That's odd. Have you tried with other mp3 file to see if the problem persist. Maybe there is a difference when importing variable bitrate mp3 or fixed bitrate.


answered Mar 27 at 21:53 by stamp (186)

I was un-aware of the -1.0db setting. I set it to 0.0 and that helped a-lot, I also updated the driver to the Focusrite. Thank you stamp for the swift reply. It was my fault.


answered Mar 28 at 19:28 by agentaqua (11)

You're welcome!


answered Mar 28 at 19:43 by stamp (186)

It's interesting that you described it as "dull and muddy" instead of just quieter :)

Also make sure Bitwig doesn't try to time-stretch the file using one of their old algorithms - they were pretty bad (new ones since 2.3 or 2.4 are great).


answered Apr 03 at 12:51 by antic604 (673)

As mentioned, try setting the audio to RAW. Don´t warp important parts in general (or even activate any warping modes to be safe), or sound will get altered regardless of DAW.

Number one reason I switched from Ableton to Bitwig was its "better Audio Engine", Ableton just didn´t give me the seperation I was looking for. It´s probably mainly because of better plugin delay compensation, Ableton quickly becomes a phase shifting nightmare as the project grows.


answered Apr 03 at 16:02 by timb (11)

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