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Background: I am using electric drums with an ALESIS D4 drum rack 'head'. I have the MIDI from the D4 going to Bitwig.

The D4 has a hi-hat pedal/ footswitch input which switches the hi-hat pad/ trigger from open to closed sound when you press the pedal - like real world drums. And like real world drums I can hold the hi-hat closed and play the drum head to get tight hi-hat sound.

Current setup (stuck at this point): In Bitwig, I have the hi-hat drum pad/ trigger assigned to the appropriate slot (NOTE) in the drum machine device with the hi-hat sound assigned in the sampler. This works.

I have the hi-hat pedal/ footswitch assigned to closed hi-hat which actually just shows up the C# note in the 16 slot drum machine range. I also have this choking the open hi-hat. However this is NOT right I am sure.

What happens: I play the open hi-hat and then I press the footswitch and I hear 1 (ONE) single hi-hat 'choke' sound. At this point the open hi-hat produces no sound because of the choke. I cannot use the drum head when the footswitch is pressed. I understand this is the intended functionality of chokes HOWEVER...

What should happen: TLDR - HELP!!!! I play the open hi-hat and then I press the footswitch. I don't care if the footswitch itself triggers any sound! What I do want is to be able to continue playing the hi-hat pad and have the sound switch to the closed hi-hat while the pedal is held down.

Any ideas? I am stumped but yet this seems like basic drumming functionality.

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