asked Mar 28 at 01:29 by bwet (11)

just updated to Bitwig 3 today - now trying to record a midi drum module when Link is active with one client - the MPC Ren. when I do this, the Ren syncs perfectly to Bitwig, but I am unable to record, aka, I press record, link starts , Mpc starts, but there is no recording. When I turn Link off in Bitwig, the recording works as expected. anyone run into this? thanks!

would definitely like to hear others thoughts on this one, but, I just discovered that I had Pre-Roll enabled by 2 bars for the metronome... as I need a sec to get to the kit :P however, that breaks Bitwig when Link is active... Bitwig doesn't record the track. So, the only workaround I have found is disabling the pre-roll, then, with Link active - the Recording works! I think I found my first 3.x bug y'all…. ! Let me know if there is a better workaround so I can still have my count-in and Link. Thanks


answered Mar 28 at 01:51 by bwet (11)

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