asked Apr 01 at 18:09 by Pardus (51)

I have really big problem with Bitwig's browser. I am a visual person and coming form other software it is really hard for me to find 3rd party plugins by names. They often use strange names and it is hard to remeber them all.

It would be great to have 3rd party vst thumbnails in browser like other DAWs have (Studio One, FL Studio). There are too many plugins to remember all the names. It is far easier for me to find them by look.

Secondly, it would be great to have auto catalogue of VST done like it is done in Mixbus 32C. Say, I need eq, I type eq and all eq's show up including 3rd party plugins like Fab Filter Q3. Not only eq2 and eq5. This is seriously helpful. They simply catalogued all 3rd party vst for people and included this filter within Mixbus.

Visual thumbnails of vst combined with auto catalogue feature would be a killer to use within Bitwig.

Please think about it as it is hard just to use text and crazy names.

Hi Pardus, For cataloging Eqs or 3rd party plugins, there is a way to do it in Bitwig its called Collections and Smart Collection, you can create custom collections to Your desire. As for VST Thumbnails, Bitwig would be amazing integrating them, I use them in Fl Studio and It's really nice when looking for the plugin you remember the looks and not the name.


answered Apr 05 at 13:04 by Daymareo (11)

I know. Still Searching compressors, just by typing compressor and not bother with unique names added by developers would be great. And thumbnails.... well, that's dream.


answered Apr 05 at 13:11 by Pardus (51)

what i'm doing Is I created a collection folder by the name of Compressors and everytime I need a compressor I go there, and all compressors show up, It's even faster than typing.


answered Apr 05 at 14:33 by Daymareo (11)

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