asked Apr 03 at 01:52 by SL3OO (11)

ive been using bitwig for a few months now making trap/hiphop beats and im to the point where I realize how important it is that the 808 is in tune with the melody. How do I accomplish this? in Fl, they have edison to detect pitch regions but with bitwig the detect root key doesnt always work. ive tried using span but it says every 808 is in the key of C. Ive made bitwig my primary daw because it taught me what a daw even was and im comfortable with it. I wanna keep using it but I feel like it is leaning towards a genre of music I dont make.

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Select Your 808 and go to the right on the inspector panel there will be a box saying 'notes' and You will find the key there.


answered Apr 03 at 21:56 by Daymareo (11)

so i think ive found the inspector panel but im not seein the box that says 'notes'. maybe im not in the inspector panel but when i click the little 'i' icon on the bottom left, it says that shows the inspector panel. If thats it, then im still not seein the 'notes' option.


answered Apr 03 at 23:26 by SL3OO (11)

ohhh right, You have to make Your track a hybrid track, so it can appear, Im not sure how accurate it is, but for better results You can use Meldaproduction Mtuner its free or better Yet Serato Sample,


answered Apr 04 at 19:39 by Daymareo (11)

I think mtuner might just be the way for me. Haven’t tried serato sample but I’m sure I’ll get it eventually when I start getting into sampling more often. For now I’m just working on getting better melodies and better drums. Thank you for your advice!


answered Apr 05 at 01:21 by SL3OO (11)

Youre welcome, thing is as you try different tools You will notice different results, so always remember to play it by ear, one other Interesting thing I forgot to tell You, Sublab is also a great tool, thing is it wont only give you the key but lay it correctly on the keys, so pressing C would always give C. Best of Luck


answered Apr 05 at 04:16 by Daymareo (11)

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