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Hello, I'm new to Bitwig and I got really excited when I discovered modulators, that is practically what brought me over to Bitwig from Ableton. However, I'm a bit disappointed because now that I'm here, I'm needing a particular modulator which seems to be lacking; there is no custom envelope modulator, something like you'd see in Serum's LFOs. I sort of assumed that something that basic would be included when modulators are one of Bitwig's main competitive advantages. The 4-Stage/ADSR modulators don't really do it for me... you get a maximum of four points, they are clunky, their curves are very limiting, and you can't get detailed edits with them (very small grid, hard to be precise, etc). I compared a Serum LFO directly to the 4-stage modulator with only the first two points and there is a clear difference in quality. Specifically I compared making a kick drum patch to modulate the course pitch... I just can't get a proper 'kick sound' with the Bitwig modulator. It comes somewhat close, but I have to make the values incredibly small (e.g. .01 seconds, put the curve to a minimum). The real values I need for it are practically .01 and below, but since .01 is the minimum value, I'm screwed. I'm curious if there are any known workarounds to this issue? Does Bitwig have any plans to implement something like this in the future? I absolutely love Bitwig so far but this has been a heart breaker.

edit: For clarification, the main problem I have is that I am unable to get the proper transient modulation that I am looking for. Additionally, it would be nice to have the ability to make some whacky envelopes like you can in Serum's LFOs.

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