asked Apr 03 at 16:45 by lokanchung (11)

Currently dragging with middle mouse button does zoom and pan at the same time.

Most of the time I create +100 track and I go up and down a lot of time. Same story with the piano roll, when I'm writing for piano, it usually spans several octaves and it's quite frustrating to not being able to go up and down at the same time.

As the matter of fact, Bitwig allows me to do this with ALT + MMB drag. But moving around is the most common thing people do in the DAW and it's more efficient to be able to do it without a modifier.

Also thinking about UX priciples, mixing up two things isn't a clever idea.

So I suggest following

MMB drag => pan around (both vertically and horizontally) ctrl + MMB drag => zoom in/out horizontally (similar to ctrl + scroll wheel) ctrl + alt + MMB drag => zoom in/out vertically (similar to ctrl + alt + scroll wheel)

Do you not have a mouse wheel?


answered Apr 03 at 17:04 by antic604 (673)

have you ever worked with more than 100 tracks

  — (Apr 03 at 17:11) lokanchung

What does the track count have to do with having a mouse wheel or not? You know most mice have a sensitivity settings for mouse wheel?

  — (Apr 03 at 17:23) antic604
  • Dragging can cover farther distance than scrolling wheel
  • It combines both horizontal and vertical movement into one. You have to work twice with a wheel.
  • Scrolling wheel repetitively makes my finger sore.
  • Wheel is less precise because of its quantization. Increasing sensitivity means losing precision.
  • Sensitivity setting affects the whole system

In large projects reducing time for navigation is critical. I don't wanna waste my time with wheel like moving vertically then horizontally, fine adjusting with scroll bar etc

  — (Apr 03 at 17:40) lokanchung

moving mouse is a quickest and precise way for, you know, "moving" things.

If a wheel were best, I should be playing Doom with one.

  — (Apr 03 at 17:41) lokanchung

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