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there is a lot information about bitwig and jack and some virtual midi modules and bitwig using the alsa midi hardware without jack... but this all did not help in my specific case.

My problem (using bitwig on Manjaro):

I just wanted to get midi working, without jack and everywhere they say, that it should work with plain alsa. My midi hardware (M-Audio Code 25) is been recognized by bitwig, but it was not possible to control any single device or transport button. But it worked with another simple program (vmdk - Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard).

At some point I installed the midi connection tool "patchage", that showed me, that my midi input were rooted into some "pipewire rt"-thing. A kind of soundserver, which was created to replace jack and/or pulseaudio at some point, as far as I understand. It was not possible to cut the connections (perhaps I should have run the program as root, what I did not try until now).

So for now, I just deactivated pipewire and that works:

sudo systemctl --global disable pipewire

Rebooted after that.

Next Step is, to investigate, who may be the culprit. Manjaro, pipewire, or Bitwig. Perhaps there is some routing tool for pipewire too. We will see.

Best regards, Lukas

Thanks for your answers.

It turns out, that PipeWire is not installed on Manjaro by default, but it installed itself as dependency for xdg-desktop-portal which is a dependency for gnome-wireless-displays...

Therefor it is save do deactivate or uninstall it.

@fsciarra62: I am using Jack too. I also did get the keyboard to work with the snd_virtmidi (or similar) kernel module. But this way the Mackie controls did not work and I have had tons of midi channels displayed in Bitwig Midi Settings... what I did not like.

That's why I just wanted to figure out, how I could use my midi-controller the "raw" alsa way. Perhaps some time, I need to route midi through jack because of parallel usage of midi software, but not for now.

@lzap: Hm, I think that it sounds interesting. Originally PipeWire aims to solve issues and provide security, when it gets to software-packages like flatpak or snap and competing usage of video/audio ressources. Therefor it needs to interface or replace the existing common solutions (alsa, pulseaudio, jack). So "One for all", which does not sound so bad to me... :-)


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Lukas, the routing flexibility I was referring to was mainly regarding audio.

Midi routing I found valuable when using external and internal instruments, mainly with vir-midi. You can decide how many virtual devices and ports you see when you configure it. Best regards.

  — (Apr 08 at 23:15) fsciarra62

With PulseAudio stable, things really settled down and now this - brand new thing. Not impressed, I hope Linux audio will not be broken for another 1-5 years again :-(


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Hi Lukas,

I have and use an M-Audio Code61 on my Ubuntu studio.

I have never heard about pipewire so has to be a Manjaro thing.

Bitwig, unfortunately, doesn't support jack midi at all, so you have to stick with midi driver none.

Pulse audio, which is supported, doesn't guarantee same performances of Jack.

You can stick to plain alsa, too, but in my experience the powerful routing capabilities of Jack are too valuable and in my experience there is neglectable difference between using jack or alsa directly.

Happy Bitwigging



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Thank you so much. This was driving me crazy!


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