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Hello, I don't have full version of Bitwig however I would like to have the piano from my Mainstage (= Logic), love that sound. Could somebody with experience and full version create patch against samples from Logic? I could take the patch file, copy files from the Logic folder over and it should work, am I right? I am assuming sharing just the XML file from the .MULTISAMPLE package (it is a ZIP file actually).

Maybe someone already has those patches already, I'd appreciate sharing.

For the record I do have the limited version 8 track. I assume that would work.

Oh I have just realized the sampler loads SFZ format, that should do it!


answered Apr 08 at 15:50 by lzap (31)

Hi, I tried the same goal with middle success. As far I know, the Logic Steinway Piano exists only as exs file, not as SFZ (May be you found some converter). So I used the wav sample files of every note and built a new sample instrument. The importing options from Bitwig's sampler are brilliant (mass import, automatic recognition of properly named file and arrangement) and far beyond what EXS supported. However, it sounds now slightly disbalanced. I am not sure to what degree samples where finetuned in Logic. But the loudness was, and that is missing by now. Also, the absolut brilliant convolution reverb from Logic (Silver Reverb?) is missing and I haven't found an adequate substitute until now. Valhalla Room is doing okay, but it doesn't come close with this piano with my basic music engineering skills. So you get a pretty okay piano, but not as perfect as before.

I tried also for some instruments Logic/Mainstage "Autosampler" option and it works nicely for pads and basic analogue synth. Had no success with complex pads changing over time as with Alchemy sounds, the looping does't get right. And you loose some of the "alive" effects may need to "beautify" the samples afterwards (Stereo width, delay, reverb, equalizer, etc..) so it's typically not a 1:1 copy..if possibly, try to work with the existing logic samples, if so supported.

Best regards, Phil


answered Apr 09 at 16:40 by former (277)

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