asked Apr 09 at 14:54 by hoergen (51)

I'm running the current 3.1.3 version of Bitwig unter Kubuntu / Linux and I noticed, that my System CPU meter maximum shows 25% usage of my 4 Core (+Hyperthread) Intel CPU for the Bitwig process, regardless what I do. It never spikes above it, even whenBitwig starts to crackle and studder because of to much Effects and VSTs.

Even when I export audio it just uses 25% ... ist never goes above 25% .. so I asume it doesn't have multicore support?

Plugins are different processes, so it should use more cores. Are you trying with a project with multiple tracks and instruments / effects?


answered Apr 09 at 22:33 by lzap (31)

Sorry for not answering more quick, but i couldn't login here for a while. Yes I am using several tracks with several plugins and vsts and still the cpu is not crossing 25% (1CPU) and is starting to stutter because that one CPU is overloaded.

Maybe I miss something in the settings?


answered Apr 20 at 17:00 by hoergen (51)

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