asked Apr 10 at 06:30 by hide24 (11)

Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out where are the tools in order to edit the velocity. In my previous cubase I could drag a line which I can use to go from 0 to 127 velocity for several notes and not have to edit one by one. Anyone knows if it exists this option? thank you very much

Hey Hide24, go to the velocity edit margin in midi editor, select the pen tool and hold ALT. Boooom!


answered Apr 12 at 12:52 by olliejacobs (63)

Midi editor > velocity edit margin > select pen tool and hold Alt.

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answered Apr 14 at 04:59 by frankcorey (11)

Hello, Thank you very much for the feedback.

Where is the Midi editor? Seems in my bitwig I can't see it. I attach a screenshot.


answered Apr 14 at 06:29 by hide24 (11)

edited Apr 14 at 06:29


answered Apr 14 at 06:31 by hide24 (11)

That’s it! And you can see the velocity margin at the bottom. Select the pen tool from just above the piano roll, hold ALT and draw in the velocity margin...


answered Apr 14 at 10:03 by olliejacobs (63)

Thank you very much Olliejacobs! I did it ! ;-)


answered Apr 14 at 14:46 by hide24 (11)

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