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I use Kdenlive for video editing.
My wife's "girls band" published some time video on theirs facebook page.
I extract an audio track from a video clip and try to edit it directly in Bitwig from Kdenlive. And... i have this ugly message : Could not open project : "Invalide character with code 65504 found in ASCII hex string".

I know that i could do my work in a other way, but it could be useful to make it working.
I think Bitwig try to open a project but it receive a WAV track. did i have a way to tell Bitwig he's receiving a wav track ?

Note :
I love Bitwig so much, it'a great software.
I work on a Fedora 30 Linux, with an AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Processor, 16Go RAM, a little 120Go SSD, 1To Raid Mirrored , 2To single disc for archiving.
I can open 30 to 40 audio track simultaneously with some audio effects enabled with no sync problem.
Great job guy's !

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