asked Apr 13 at 16:25 by galkarmi (11)

Hi, How do we set audio to play through a track (Audio track) when selecting an effect track as a source, or an audio stream from another track? The audio seems to work only while recording and no metering is on. I like to use this for creative processing, grouping and bouncing, feedback loops, re process audio from effect tracks etc. Also, how to pick up the audio from an effect tracks using audio tracks or the audio receiver? Seems like a "Monitor on" feature allowing the selected audio source to play through the track (And double the source track unless manually muted). Thanks!

This is very easy to do. Just set the output of your FX/send track to the input you wish to record. You will need to re-align your recorded track afterwards, however, because Bitwig can not calculate latency in this configuration and the recorded track will appear later. Don't forget to record a little more so that you don't lose the end when you re-align the audio. Another way is to avoid using send/FX tracks and just use another audio track. This will fix the latency issue but it limits sending multiple outputs to the recording track. You might be able to send multiple tracks from their outputs, but I have not tried this yet. If it does work, you would also need to use a tool plugin at the end of each send channel or the main volume slider as a send level.


answered Apr 25 at 13:39 by Jeremysfx (132)

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