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I'm shocked that there is no way to capture midi that was unrecorded the way you might in Cubase or other DAWs.

Playing along to a few tracks, I finally got a melody I liked, but behold, I didn't record.... and in Cubase, I could easily recover these notes, but in Bitwig, there is nothing? Like no way - out of luck - sorry....

This really sucks.

I do like Bitwig (sort of), but I love Cubase if not just or the fact that it's professional-grade and it has the foresight to have features like this built-in.

I won't even go on about Bitwigs lack of vocal mastering and auditioning. This puts Bitwig down on my list as something to play around with when I'm not doing real production.

If anyone has found a work-around to this please post.

Just to ask, you are a member since 5 hours ago, posted this and disappeared? Ok.

  — (Apr 16 at 10:06) fsciarra62

Yes, Retrospective Recording within Cubase.

For my purpose as a keyboardist, I will often play around without 'record' armed so I don't feel the pressure to create. However sometimes by accident, a phrase will have manifested or a chord progression, and it was so fleeting that replicating it would be tedious and interrupt the flow. I have used Retrospective Recording many times and it's been a saver for my ideas. That is my personal use. I'm not a producer playing with samples so perhaps Bitwig isn't the right DAW for me...


answered Apr 17 at 08:17 by Spectre (31)

I do wish Bitwig had a retrospective MIDI capture button like Live and others. It's an easy feature with low memory/performance cost and high value to musicians. Without it, I've had to train myself to use Launcher clip record buttons instead of simply pressing play to jam. Then I end up with a bunch of takes that I might use if I fail to capture that one magic moment, the perfect take.

Bitwig has been around for a few years while Cubase has been developing for literally decades. The Bitwig team clearly cares about developing a solid well rounded DAW but they seem to prioritize innovation and sound design. Given the quality of their output, I'm a happy customer willing to wait for some niceties like this. Step recording is, to me, a bit more essential (also an easy win). Many people have requested the Bitwig native Melodyne-like device. I expect they'll get around to it some day but for now I don't mind using plugins for a few specialized tasks.


answered Apr 21 at 22:01 by voidshine (302)

Ah, I see...

You're speaking about Retrospective MIDI Record... Never heard or needed until now. Thanks for letting me know.

Bitwig has a different workflow. To let you try your stuff, you might use the clips.

I understand this doesn't even exist in those daws but it's a nice way to try stuff over your compositions. You don't have to record tracks... just record the clip.

And it works with audio, too... not only midi.

I understand that the workflow is very different from what you're used to.

And also you might try generative composition using The Grid, which is something not found in other daws.

I understand that it might not be your cup of tea, but definitely, for people who appreciate a different vision, it is far far superior. IMNSHO.



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Hi Spectre,

I'm a keyboardist too, and I use Bitwig mainly for my live performances and composition.

So maybe I don't have a real use for that function. I prefer what Bitwig gives me as a total control and freedom to use my Kurzweil, my Virus, my not so little modular and the controller and surface controls I use when playing.

So no samples or production here.

I understand that Bitwig total freedom can be a bit overwhelming initially.

Especially what you can do using The Grid as a matter of control and processing.

But it's not everybody cup of tea, as said...

But definitely, speaking as a keyboardist, I don't give any value to forgetting to press record. I prefer what I gain in using a far more modern approach to live playing and composing. My taste.

Best regards,



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This would be a killer feature, especially for live looping scenarios.

Im not that shocked though, Ive spent hours finding DAW meeting my requirements but could not find any. Cubases multi-take retrospective recording is nice but not really meant for live looping / improvisation / jamming . Abletons MIDI Capture has no settings at all ...

  • midi buffer for each (or just armed) track - 8 bar buffer with polyphony and CCs would be just tens or hundreds kilobytes in memory
  • real-time quantization would be nice
  • bitwig could let the player jam with already playing clips and after something nice was played, player could choose to capture last 1, 2, 4, or 8 bars of buffer and selection would be rendered into a clip

There is an iOS app capable of this - Time Exile`s "Endlesss" (and new version coming to desktops), but this is rather to be jamming app with no MIDI capability (can render clips into wavs).


answered Apr 18 at 23:31 by knuf (11)

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Great idea. I think that would solve the issue on a few levels.

As a separate question does Bitwig have any 'built-in' vocal or audio correction on a granular level like Cubase or the Melodyne plugin?


answered Apr 19 at 01:03 by Spectre (31)

No. I use Melodyne Studio.

  — (Apr 19 at 03:02) fsciarra62

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