asked Apr 16 at 15:52 by rogerbrot (11)

I have a modular synth connected to Bitwig using my Arturia Minibrute 2S. I am sending MIDI to it using HW Instrument an getting the audio back through the return of the HW Instrument device.

The workflow is flawless if I just play the instrument. MIDI notes are passed to the synth and the audio output comes back and is hearbale.

Nevertheless, I can only record the MIDI-Data I play and not the audio output.

What I can do right now is use a second track that imports and records the audio data from the one with the HW instrument. Is there a way to get audio recording working using only a single track?

Thanks in advance Patrick

You cant do that, at least thats what i think... im using modular too, im sending clock signal from HW to soundcard, from soundcard to minibrute 2s, from minibrute to clock module and then to my sequencer. that way im synced. OK this may not answer your question but.... i have a sync problem. when i hit record from an audio track created to recieve HW instrument signal, that recorded result came retarded or delayed in ms (have to say that the audio getting out form HW is correct in ms and synced alone) so in ordeer to solve that i put a timeshift in my recording track and when i hit monitor sounds equally synced with HW track buuut when hit the record button the result is delayed... not synced again... so what i do in order to fix that is create another audio track that will record the audio track (time shift one that is recording HWs) and in the new audio track i will select the audio track with timeshift but selecting timeshift out as an input.

CRAZY maybe but thats the only way i can get it perfecly synced recordings !! If you guys know better ways i wanna know


answered Apr 19 at 11:52 by luiscanela (11)

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