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I'm attempting to use my cirklon to sequence VST/Bitwig plugins via the generic Midi Controller extension. However I'm experiencing quite a bit of jitter on incoming midi.

This type of jitter is not related to sync. its just midi data coming in thru the midi in and its not clocked consistently. It fluctuates quite a bit. Anybody else using bitwig with an external sequencer and solve this?

(Update: I'm currently in process on documenting this on my machine and comparing with another DAW as well as going to attempt to read the raw timestamps on note events via Midi Monitor. Obviously saying something does something quite a bit is a very vauge statement and I'd like to get more clarity for the developers sake. If anybody else is experience this I'd be interested.

This has very little to do with sync and more just reading the midi data coming into an instrument channel to be recorded.)

Update: This is somewhat resolved with running a lower buffer setting. If I get bitwig down to 128 the external midi in is much more accurate. A very simple way to observe this is to increase the buffer size to 1024 and 2048. The external midi comes in so sloppy it will blow your mind. So stay well under 128 and the midi will be tight in. :)

For my external sequencer, i'm using the cirklon which is known for its accurate timing even over USB. In my tests i've done both syncing midi out from the DAW and then midi back into the DAW. I've done tests both synced and not sync to observe differences in Jitter of the midi clock and also the midi events themselves.

On further research... another well known DAW with a session view seems almost sample accurate with midi in regardless of the buffer size...

Still i'm not entirely happy with the results and was hoping more accuracy on this account even at larger buffer settings. Particuarly because in my experience running a DAW at 64 or 128 samples is a recipie for glitches, hiccups and strange occurences.. For example, on my system the cirklon USB stops working all together at these buffer settings in Bitwig and then it must be reset with on/off.


answered Apr 18 at 21:41 by kirkwoodwest (33)

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