asked Apr 19 at 19:17 by Sxx (21)


When I load some VSTs in Bitwig Like DBlue Glitch 2 or ElasticPitch v2). Some of their parameter change even without automation or any modulator loaded.

I managed to stop this behavour using a Channel Filter....

Is there a cleaner way to solve this issue?

Could you clarify a bit more. How did you fix this using a channel filter? The channel filter filters incoming midi. Could it be that an external controller has a defect and is spitting out data? I have had controllers go bad where the encoders will periodically send out data on its own. I have never had Bitwig start moving things without me initiating it. The error is likely either an external controller or possibly the VST itself, although the latter also seems unlikely.


answered Apr 25 at 13:22 by Jeremysfx (132)

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